Waterproof Case Mini Tablet

Waterproof Case Mini Tablet

  • 100% Waterproof / Waterproof to total immersion, take your tablet or camera underwater,
  • Take fantastic photos and videos underwater, and in all conditions.
  • Touch functions preserved. You continue to use your tablet normally,
  • Protect your tablet against snow,
  • Protect your tablet from sand, dust, and more,
  • Call through the wallet
  • Universal size, suitable for all mini tablet sizes (up to 8 "screen size)


The Seawag waterproof pocket for mini tablet will be your ideal companion during your aquatic sessions to protect your tablet.
All our products are completely waterproof and tested, resistant even to sand, dust and snow.

Its design allows easy access to all the functions of your tablet without having to remove it from the pouch. With a transparent screen at the back of the cover, you will be able, even in the water, to take photos and record videos.

It is notably equipped with an audio output to allow you to connect your waterproof Seawag earphones (not included) and enjoy your music during your activity.